Legendary Hip-Hop Concerts

Full sets from rap legends past and present are legendary. It's easy enough now to stream a concert and watch from little screens, but to fully experience hip-hop's power, you need to see it live.

There have been hundred's of great hip-hop tours, including Glow In The Dark, Hard Knock Life, and No Way Out. Here we have chosen 5 legendary hip-hop concerts that span the course of rap history:

1. The Up in Smoke Tour

Featuring: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, D-12, Ice Cube and Westside Connection, Warren G, Nate Dogg, The Dogg Pound, Xzibit, Devin the Dude.

The Up in Smoke tour in 2000 summer tour had an incredible set. In an era when West Coast rap still ruled radio, and Slim Shady was on the verge of becoming a superstar, Dre took the whole family on the road to show off his Chronic in full force. The results are legendary.

2. So So Def 20th Anniversary Concert

Featuring: Jermaine Dupri, Kris Kross, Da Brat, Usher, Jagged Edge, Ludacris, Jay Z, Lil Jon, Nelly, Jeezy, Monica, Bonecrusher, Bow Wow, YoungBloodz, Lil Scrappy, J-Kwon, Pastor Troy,

Xscape, Dem Franchise Boyz.

Filmed in Atlanta’s Fox Theatre in 2013, this spectacular concert tribute to the So So Def’s rap label's two-decade run featured every one of its stars and other rap legends. The crowd response is impressive too.

3. Dave Chappelle’s Block Party

Featuring: Dave Chappelle, Kanye West, The Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Common, Big Daddy Kane, Bilal, A-Trak, John Legend, Kool G Rap, Dead Prez, Cody Chesnutt, The Fugees.

When Dave Chappelle was in his prime, he could get away with anything. In September 2004, the hip-hop-loving comedian put together his dream concert in the middle of Brooklyn, NYC. The budget was $3 million and still managed to turn a profit. A documentary about the concert was released theatrically and on DVD.

4. The Fantastic Five, Treacherous Three, and More Rock East River Park for Wild Style

Featuring: The Fantastic Five, Treacherous Three, Double Trouble (wielding Tommy guns), the Rocksteady Crew, Busy Bee Starski, and Rammelzee performed, and Nile Rodgers.
This 1983 all-star concert was filmed on the Lower East Side of Manhattan to celebrate the legendary movie 'Wild Style', the first movie to accurately capture all four elements of hip-hop intertwining their early glory days with a show that brought everyone together.

5. Run-D.M.C.

Run-D.M.C's show at Madison Square Garden in 1986 opened doors for hip-hop that many had seen as a fad or even a cultural danger through an endorsement by Adidas. The trio's road manager, Lyor Cohen, invited Adidas executive Angelo Anastasio to see Run-D.M.C. performing at Madison Square Garden. When the group performed "My Adidas," Run asked the crowd to hold their sneakers in the air. The sight of tens of thousands of young fans holding up their footwear reportedly convinced Anastasio to sign the group to an unprecedented $1 million deal that included their own signature line.